Landscaper Gardener Body

 Black and white Scelzi Landscaper Gardener Truck Bodies

Scelzi Landscaper/Gardener Bodies are designed to assist with landscaping and agricultural jobs. They are constructed on a flatbed frame and have a hoist for dumping the contents of the bed.


In addition to these models and sizes, truck bodies can be customized.

 Model  Bed Size
Series 14.4 8 x 10 ft
Series 11.2 8 x 12 ft
Series 9.2 8 x 14

Side Rack Package Options

PACKAGE A: 42-inch solid steel with a HINGED horizontal door 69" wide, OR
PACKAGE B: 42-inch solid steel with a front vertical door 46" wide, OR
PACKAGE C: 42-inch solid steel with dual fold-down doors
SPECIAL ORDER: 1/2-inch removeable plywood racks with steel stakes, western gate latches

Body Features

All Scelzi Landscaper/Gardener bodies share certain features, including:

  • Standard body is painted white
  • Floor is 10 gauge High Tensile steel
  • Class V receiver hitch
  • LED raised warning light
  • Inside Cab control for hoist
  • and much more

Downloadable Body Info

Download more detailed information about these truck bodies.

Landscaper/Gardener Body Specification Sheet

Scelzi Truck Body Complete Catalog

White Scelzi Landscaper Gardener Truck Body

Some recent examples of Scelzi GARDENER Bodies. Some photos may show optional upgrades that are not standard equipment.

White Scelzi Chipper Truck Body
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Why choose Scelzi

Since we began building truck bodies in 1979, Scelzi Enterprises has focused on unique styling, American ingenuity and craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to Quality. We use the best materials, best equipment, and a great team of truck building professionals to make products that are as durable and tough as they are attractive. Compare our products side by side with any other truck body and you will see the Scelzi difference.