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We have the Parts and Accessories to keep your Scelzi Truck Body (or other brand) looking as good as it can for years to come. We also sell new components like Cranes, Compressors, and Lift Gates. Call us at 559-457-2340 or use the REQUEST A PARTS QUOTE link above. You can even send us a few photos of what you are looking for, and our Parts Staff will help you find what you need.

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Bumpers and Fenders


All Genuine Scelzi-made

Scelzi Toolboxes

Shelving and Toolboxes

Scelzi and JOBOX toolboxes

Compressors and Power Systems

Compressors and Power Systems

VMAC and other Compressors

Cranes and Crane Parts

Cranes and Parts

AutoCrane, Palfinger, and Others

Locks and Handles

Locks and Handles

Matching keys as well   

Liftgates and Ramps


TommyGate, Maxon and Others

Stakes and Side Racks

Stakes and Side Racks

Stakes are AJ Baer style, all Genuine Scelzi parts

LED and Other Lights


LED from Optronics and Others

Bed Flooring


Steel, aluminum, or hardwood



A variety of styles and classes available



Scelzi Enterprises own hoists

Scelzi Equipment Truck Parts

And more -Call Us

Call Us - we have other parts as well

Why choose Scelzi

Since we began building truck bodies in 1979, Scelzi Enterprises has focused on unique styling, American ingenuity and craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to Quality. We use the best materials, best equipment, and a great team of truck building professionals to make products that are as durable and tough as they are attractive. Compare our products side by side with any other truck body and you will see the Scelzi difference.