Standard Scelzi Truck Bodies

Scelzi Service Bodies

Service Body

Service Bodies are the workhorses of most service fleets.

Contractor Bodies


The Contractor Body is the perfect choice for busy work truck crews.

Combo Work Truck Bodies


Combo Bodies are a crossover between Service Bodies and Contractor Bodies, offering the most requested features of each body style.

Scelzi Dump Truck Bodies


Dump Truck Bodies are designed and manufactured with rugged durability for the toughest jobs.

Flatbed Platform Truck Bodies


The classic but versatile Flatbed truck body, available in Western and Scelzi rear bumper styles. Sometimes called a Platform body.

Crane Truck Bodies


Crane Bodies are specifically designed and engineered as robust platforms for a variety of truck mounted cranes.

Gardener Landscaper Truck Bodies


Gardener Bodies (sometimes called Landscapers) are designed to assist with landscaping and agricultural jobs.

Chipper Truck Bodies for Landscaping and Forestry


Chipper Bodies are designed to assist with the removal of wood chips and other landscaping and forestry needs.

Super Structure Truck Bodies

Super Structure

Super Structures are modified Service Bodies with expanded storage capacity.

Water Tank Trucks

Water Tank

Water Tank Trucks feature a variety of filling and spraying options, available with 2,000-4,000 US Gallon tanks.

Welder Bodies


Welder Bodies are designed specifically with the needs of professional welders in mind.

Scelzi Manufactures a Wide Variety of Work Truck Bodies

Other Bodies

In addition to Custom Bodies, Scelzi also offers unique designs, such as Cowboy Flatbeds, RV Haulers and Front Range Flatbeds

Why choose Scelzi

Since we began building truck bodies in 1979, Scelzi Enterprises has focused on unique styling, American ingenuity and craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to Quality. We use the best materials, best equipment, and a great team of truck building professionals to make products that are as durable and tough as they are attractive. Compare our products side by side with any other truck body and you will see the Scelzi difference.